Dick Jokes

by Treeforts

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A special thanks to our friends Brent, Gerard, Amanda, Beth, Brett, Josh, Jacob, Jake, Ron, Paige, Cory, Shana, Thor, Clarissa, Niab, Cameron, and Faith.


released February 8, 2013

Written by Treeforts
Produced and Recorded by Jeff Israel
Gang Vocals by Amanda, Paige, Ron, Brent, Jake, Josh, and Cory



all rights reserved


Treeforts Baltimore, Maryland

A couple of dudes from Baltimore making music they like.

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Track Name: Heavy Farts
We chased the sunrise
But all we caught were the city lights
Through cigarette smoke and bloodshot eyes
And that's alright

Lately we've been waiting
For something to happen
But nothing fucking happens
In a town like this
Except for dollar beers on
Tuesday nights at the Red Brick, bitch

Another late night
We're getting older my friends and I
We've died this way one thousand times
And that's alright

I'm not a ghost, anymore
Track Name: Late Night Magic Time
Late night magic time
Making dick jokes beneath the basement light
We went to Delaware in a snow storm
Paid ten bucks to see some bands perform

And I know, I know
I'm getting old
But lately I don't care
Track Name: Heavy Hearts
With cocaine on our noses
And love on your heart
Lust on my lips
This was stillborn from the start

Snowflakes blew
Across the windowpane
The way thoughts danced through your head
Whenever I left you alone
I should have left you alone

Now soft as your cool night breath
I became your ghost

She was my ghost
And now I'm alone

Nights where lights were hot
With argument

Are barely memories anymore, anymore
Because I don't really care anymore, anymore

It's better to be alone
Than to be forgot

To be alone
Than to be forgot
Track Name: Jesus Christmas! Holy Balls!
We slept for days
Wasting our nights chasing your face
Now I'm not sure you know you're gone

Without your grace oh god
We wept at first unsure of the taste
Afraid of the dark
In the light of
Your dead son!

We danced in rivers for you
We drowned in nothing for nothing oh god

Without your grace
We'll spend our days alive and awake
Dancing and laughing
In the light of
A real sun!

We danced in rivers for you
We drowned in nothing for nothing oh god

Amazing grace
How sweet the taste
That tricked a wretch like me
I've lost that grace oh god
Now I'm found
Was blind but now I'm free!
Track Name: Fucking Richard
Ten times I lost you but nine times I found you
Wounded like I am but children make mistakes
I never believed when you said you were leaving
But your couldn't wait you're so
Weak like my breathing!

We chased the sunrise
But all I caught were your pale blue eyes
Empty stares behind moonlit lies

You chased the sunrise
I could care less who you're with tonight
Spreading disease from deceitful thighs

Your love slipped away like Cancun sand
Reflections in the ocean
A glimpse of the past
I hope they find you cold and lonely like I am
Track Name: Action Figures
We've buried our heroes in sandbox graves
How scary are houses and hallways
Always at nighttime

Hail to the moon
Hail to the stars
Hail to the boy who was brave enough to forgive the dark
Track Name: Caesar Salad Days
Nights where lights were irrelevant
Because the sunrise spoke through the smoke of our cigarettes
The conversation flowed over our heads
And we're drowning again

We couldn't be more fucking proud of it
It's another late night
Pounding bears in Brent Smith's basement
Wasting our fists on fights with cars
We're always getting older
And we're terrified to admit we care
But we care

Enough to forgive the dark!